Customs brokerage

The company’s Brokerage Department provides the complex customs clearance of foreign economic cargos at the Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhnyi sea ports and at the Southern Customs car terminals.

We issue customs documentation in various modes including the Delivery Control Documents (ИМ40ЕЕ, ТР80АА, ТР81АА) and select the most optimal variant of customs procedures.

Opportunities for clients
If necessary, we provide an opportunity for our clients to use two unique schemes of cargo customs clearance with storage at the customs-licensed or temporary storage warehouses located at our logistical terminal in Odessa.
The company’s customs brokers will provide the qualified assistance in solving the customs problems and will consult you upon different issues regarding foreign economic activity and regulations of the customs legislation of Ukraine.
In case of any disputes and the need to prove unlawfulness of actions committed by customs authorities we are ready to provide all the required legal assistance to our clients.

Legal support
We provide legal settlement of customs disputes regarding the customs clearance, customs costs, illegal customs control, including the following:

  • Administrative proceedings: appeals to the superior customs authorities against actions/inactivity or decisions made by customs officers;
  • Court proceedings: appeals against decisions (actions or inactivity) made by customs officers;
  • Criminal proceedings: defense of the consignees’, consignors’ and customs brokers’ interests in smuggling cases.
  • Preparing applications, claims and other documents in order to settle the customs dispute as soon as possible.
  • Expertise over lawfulness of actions/inactivity committed by customs officers and employees.
  • Assistance in repayment/setoff of customs costs, excessive dues and other duties.
  • Consulting (in writing) upon the issues of customs legislation.

How to find us

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Central office:
2-B, V. Stusa Str., Odessa, 65033, Ukraine

+380 (48) 729-39-99