Logistical terminal operator’s services

We propose general cargo storage and handling from one transport type to another at the logistical terminal (total area of 4.5 hectares).

Terminal is located near the railway station “Odessa-Tovarnaya” and highway Odessa – Kiev Е-95, part of the international transport corridor No.9 (Finland – Russia – Belarus – Ukraine – Moldova – Romania – Greece).
A set of services
A set of services includes all types of operations providing cargo preparation for its further transportation or sale:

  • General/bulk cargo and timber storage and handling from one transport type to another at the territory of 4.5 hectares;
  • Remarking, sorting, reweighing etc.;
  • Equipment/techniques  required for:
    — bulk cargo packing into bags of 50, 25 kg and into big bags of 0.5-1 tons,
    — sealing the polyethylene bags,
    — grips for tank and rolled paper loading/discharge
  • Taking samples and technical analysis in the own certified;
  • The own railway passages;
  • Customs warehouse, temporary storage warehouse and reserve warehouses for accumulation and distribution;
  • Storage of any customs cleared cargos;
  • Container terminal;

Our company is one of the few companies having direct access to the Container Terminal Information System (CTIS) of the Odessa Port, therefore it may issue operatively a passing card for cars entering the port and accelerate operations with empty containers such as: empty container supply for export loading, evacuation under the line’s instructions etc.

Due to temporary storage and customs-licensed warehouses we may process the cargos under customs controlled. At the terminal there is the Southern Customs Department having access to the software complex “Inspector 2006” of the Customs Service of Ukraine, thus it accelerates such cargo processing and eliminates the violation of cargo delivery terms to the destination customs offices.
Licenses of sanitary and epidemiological control authorities facilitate processing the cargos requiring for special storage terms.

How to find us

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Central office:
2-B, V. Stusa Str., Odessa, 65033, Ukraine

+380 (48) 729-39-99